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Imagine the possibilities when everyone in your Enterprise thinks and acts as one team

Compelling Need

Enterprises cannot adapt and succeed in the complex and fast changing world unless people collaborate and co-create across traditional boundaries of silos, hierarchy and industry.

Creative Solution

At Think One Team we've created the breakthrough method that unites leaders, connects teams and drives successful transformation.

The Reality in Workplaces

Every leader is under pressure to do these things:


Achieve business results on time and within budget


Lead change in strategy, practices and behaviours


Boost engagement with colleagues, staff & important partners

...and the traditional solutions of leadership development, team building and change management no longer suit this ever changing world because they:

  • Lack simple, easy-to-apply methods and tools
  • Don't connect across silos and hierarchy
  • Weren't designed for adaptive change we created a single solution that equips leaders and teams with the skills and tools to lead and navigate through the challenges of adaptive change.

Think One Team

Our Approach

Think one team method

The Think One Team method is disarmingly simple and easy-to-implement.

Instead of complex models and concepts, people learn engaging and practical tools to help them align, collaborate and learn together.

Get Immediate ROI

The best way to implement Think One Team is to apply it directly to business unit initiatives or cross-functional projects.

We typically do this over 90 days of action learning to develop leadership and teamwork skills and practices while achieving a business outcome at the same time.

Collaboration Space software

Our unique online Collaboration Space gives leaders and teams a place to learn, practice and share as one team.

From 90 day team plans, to collaborative problem solving, ideation and action debriefing, the Cspace boosts collaboration and co-creation.

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Love the Tools

Our clients love Think One Team tools and we love designing them.

Some favourites include:

  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Fast planning & design
  • Action debriefing suite
  • Team strategy diamond
  • 90 day team plans
  • Team-to-team partnering

Sustainable & Scaleable

We've successfully implemented and sustained the benefits of Think One Team across lots of medium to large enterprises.

From a fully customised program, to integration with other capability development programs, or just to get everyone aligned, there is a simple cost-effective option.

Do it Yourself

Think One Team builds capability and culture.

That's why we're passionate about developing in-house coaches and facilitators to strengthen collaboration and co-creation behaviours and practices.

This process happens during the program so capability transfer is immediate.

Outstanding results for our clients

“The Think One Team method and facilitation has been a key contributor to Jurlique’s transformation and growth. The simple, practical frameworks and tools have engaged and equipped our people to adapt their work behaviour to suit our evolving business model thereby helping to greatly improve business performance.”

Jon Westover, Managing Director, Global Operations

“Think One Team have challenged and lifted us as an Executive Team, built capability across our Leadership Group, and partnered with us to instil practical tools for collaboration and performance conversations across the Bank. I can confidently recommend Think One Team to any organisation seeking transformation in people culture and performance.”

Jamie McPhee, Chief Executive Officer

“I think of Think One Team every time I want transformational change. They have partnered with my leaders and teams at critical moments in transformation projects in two Universities and never let us down. Think One Team is as committed to your success as you are and they keep it refreshingly simple.”

Paul Duldig, Head of University Services

“Think One Team has been pivotal to our success by providing the simple ‘one team’ method and tools for our leaders and teams to use every day across the whole business. Wise experienced the biggest impact when we expanded the training and ownership of Think One Team across all levels of our leadership structure. ”

Sally Pitts-Brown, Chief Executive, Pathways – Part of The Wise Group

Jurlique ME Bank University of Melbourne Wise Group

Meet Our Team


Graham Winter

Graham Winter

Executive Director

Anne Carman

Anne Carman

Senior Consultant and Coach

Kathryn Houghton

Kathryn Houghton

Facilitator and Coach

Mark Winter

Mark Winter

General Manager


Kathy O'Donnell


Product Coordinator

Carol Winter


Research and Evaluation

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