Performance Partnering

Engaging and empowering people to thrive in an agile and adaptive world

people’s expectations of work have vastly changed

performance management has not

outdated. damaging.

If performance management really worked, then more than 15% of employees would be actively engaged (Gallup 2017).

And leaders would stop micro-managing and start coaching, while HR would focus on talent and culture, not tick & flick compliance.

engaging. empowering.

At Think One Team we created Performance Partnering to shift the paradigm on the relationship between leaders and the people they lead.

Our simple tools and agile approach sets up conversations that create the sense of purpose, growth and enjoyment that really lifts engagement.

Performance Partnering was designed by the Chief Psychologist for one of the world’s top five Olympic Teams and is now boosting engagement in companies with eNPS scores in the 80's

wrong mindset

Performance Management. Is there another business process that wastes so much time, damages trust and delivers so little value? No wonder it's a magnet for criticism!

Enough. We decided to stop the negativity by designing something to inspire people to align, collaborate and learn with agility and true partnering.

That meant starting with a new mindset to create better conversations about performance.

ADEP Mindset

Achieve. Develop. Enjoy. Partner. That's a high performance mindset.

Interested In Reinventing The Performance Conversation?

People want to achieve meaningful outcomes, develop and grow, enjoy their work and foster collegiate partnering relationships.

Performance Partnering makes that happen. By reinventing the performance conversation.

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