One Team Agility

Because ‘going agile’ without a one team culture just creates different shaped silos

mainstream 'agile' is not designed for leadership teams

Different Context. Same Need.

Leadership teams aren't like project and product teams but they still need agility because agile collaborative ways of working will never become the culture unless leaders unite to sponsor, coach and model new ways of working

So we decided it's time to design a simple, jargon-free way for leadership teams to build unity and agility

Agility. Unity. Leadership.

One Team Agility. It's a new way to develop and embed agility and unity in leadership teams and the wider team-of-teams

Now your leaders have a clever, simple method drawn from principles of team agility, design thinking, adaptive leadership and think one team, and adapted for the real world of leadership teams

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We designed One Team Agility for the real world of leadership teams who need one practical solution to unite leaders and build agile, collaborative teams

One team agility is a new mindset

A one team mindset of agility creates a fundamentally different workplace...

One team over siloed functions
Partnering over hierarchy
Learning loops over linear plans
Small fast teams over large slow groups
Transparency over bureaucracy

True agility isn't a built on prescribed ways of working.
It's a different way of thinking, and that starts with the letters 'ACL'

'Spin the ACL' - a glimpse into agility

Agile teams Align – Collaborate – Learn ... over and over.
That's the heartbeat of agility.
One team agility equips and inspires teams to 'Spin the ACL'.

Interested in leadership team unity & agility?

Without unity and agility leaders put the outcomes of any enterprise change at risk.

That’s why leading Universities, Banks and Government Agencies are embracing One Team Agility.

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