Introducing The One Team Canvas

Teams Need a Playbook

We live in an agile world where empowered and accountable teaming is the new way of working.

This puts enormous expectations and responsibilities on leadership teams to be models of high performing teamwork, and to avoid the silos and disunity that too often derail the execution of strategies.

Building Blocks

That’s why we designed the One Team Canvas to give Executive and Portfolio Leadership Teams a shared way to form and develop teams.

The Canvas brings together eight essential building blocks for teamwork and collaboration into one coherent framework to:

  • Align teams to enterprise direction and priorities
  • Accelerate team formation, development and performance
  • Reinforce the impact of shared team tools and practices
  • Support cultural change towards iterative, agile ways of working
  • Connect silos and boost partnering between leaders and teams.

Operating Rhythm

The building blocks pivot around a shared operating rhythm and include enterprise direction, core values, team dynamics, purpose and performance priorities.

Executive Teams use the Canvas to create the compelling narrative about enterprise direction, and to reinforce the commitment to shared priorities and ways of working

Leadership Teams use the Canvas as the foundation for their Playbook which ensures they deliver outcomes through agile, connected teamwork

The One Team Canvas is a simple navigation tool for leaders and teams to stay ahead in this fast-changing world.

Learn more by downloading the Canvas example below or contact us to chat about your needs.